Pink Whitney Vodka and Why Everyone Is Drinking It

pink whitney

Pink Whitney has risen to popularity in recent years because of its pretty color and flavor. In addition, people like to add “PW” to their mixed drinks. Whitney is available in most liquor stores and is widely available due to its popularity.

Pink Whitney: Pink Lemonade with a Punch

Continue reading this article to learn everything you need to know about PW and why the spirit is so popular.

What is Pink Whitney?

This flavored vodka is especially notable because of its color. This vodka is a pretty pink color that can transform the appearance of your cocktail entirely. Pink Whitney is created and owned by New Amsterdam Vodka. This liquor tastes like pink lemonade, making it a fantastic addition to several mixers. 

Pink Whitney came out in 2019 due to popular demand. New Amsterdam partnered with the famous sporting blog Barstool Sports to create Pink Whitney. Ryan Whitney, who hosts Spittin’ Chiclets, mentioned on the podcast that his favorite mixed drink was pink lemonade and New Amsterdam, which prompted the liquor company to reach out to Barstool Sports. As a result, this wildly popular vodka is named after Ryan Whitney.

Where To Get Pink Whitney

Pink Whitney has been super popular since its release in 2019, making it easy to acquire. It is available in most liquor stores and grocery stores that sell liquor. If you are unsure about its availability near you, you can go to the New Amsterdam website to search for the product’s availability. 

To locate PW, the New Amsterdam website will simply ask you to provide your zip code and verify your date of birth. On average, a bottle costs $13 for a 750 ml bottle. However, the price of the bottle fluctuates depending on the liquor store you visit. Some places and locations may charge more per bottle than other places. This liquor is on the cheaper end of general vodka prices. 

When in doubt, Target also sells PW. If your Target location sells liquor, you can bet that they’ll have Pink W. on their shelves unless they have sold out. The vast majority of Target locations sell PW because most Target locations sell liquor. 

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Is It Liquor?

Yes, Pink Whitney is a liquor. It is pink lemonade combined with vodka, and people often use this liquor in mixed drinks. Some people may be confused about its classification because people assume the spirit is clear when liquor is mentioned. However, PW lives up to its name and is light pink instead of clear like most vodkas.

The Perfect Mixability For Cocktails

When drinking Pink W., you can get creative about your mixers. Pink Whitney is recognized for its mixability in cocktails and how the color of the liquor can change the color of the cocktail. So, what mixers pair well with Pink W.? The following are common additions to PW-fueled drinks:

  • Any Lemon-Lime Soda for a sweet, citrusy drink.
  • Soda water if you want to dilute the liquor and add carbonation.
  • Hard seltzers for an extra kick without a strong alcohol flavor.
  • Sour Mix, homemade or premade, to take away some of the bite from Pink Whitney.
  • Lemonade for a smooth, natural flavor combination.
  • Grapefruit juice if you want to dull down some of the sweetness in Pink Whitney.
  • Pineapple juice gives the liquor a tropical essence.
  • Energy drinks to keep you awake while you drink.

Pink Whitney is a very versatile flavored vodka which means there are tons of ways you can enjoy it. Above are standard mixers people use to add to their PW, but those aren’t the only options. You can experiment with any mixers you want, and Pink W. will combine well with most mixing options you come up with.

This vodka is flavored to taste like pink lemonade, so it pairs well with citrus mixers, epically. People frequently combine lemonade with alcohol, and PW is also fantastic when consumed plain. You may skip the mixer altogether because Pink W. already has pink lemonade as an ingredient. 


How Strong is Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney has an ABV of 30%, 10% less than most other flavored vodkas. This percentage is because this pink-hued vodka is diluted slightly with the addition of pink lemonade. However, Pink Whitney has a lower ABV than other vodkas does not mean it isn’t strong. You can still easily get drunk when you drink Pink W., especially because the addition of pink lemonade makes the liquor go down easier than other flavored vodkas.

How drunk you get when you drink PW depends on several factors. Weight, how much you ate that day, how often you drink, and your genetic makeup play a massive role in how drunk you’ll get when you drink this, or any other alcoholic beverage. However, it will take more Pink W. than other flavored vodkas to get the same amount of drunk. Add an extra shot of Pink Whitney to equal the amount of vodka you drink and two shots of other flavored vodkas. 

Every standard bottle of Pink Whitney (750 ML) will yield about 16 shots per bottle. This measurement means Pink Whitney is great to share with friends or last you a few drinking nights if you’re tackling the bottle alone. In addition, with Pink Whitney only about 13 dollars a bottle, you get your bang for your buck when you drink Pink W.. 

Dietary Restrictions

Sometimes, one of the most frustrating parts about drinking is ensuring your liquor fits well with your dietary restrictions. However, just because you want to enjoy a night of drinking doesn’t mean you should ignore your daily dietary restrictions. So, what dietary restrictions does Pink W. accommodate? Below we’ll discuss the diet preferences, calorie intake, and gluten status of this pink vodka. 

Is Pink Whitney Vegan?

New Amsterdam does not claim its mega-popular vodka to be vegan or vegetarian friendly, so it is best to assume that Pink W. is not vegan friendly. While it can be challenging to imagine how a vodka could involve animal byproducts, parts of the vodka distillation could encounter animal byproducts at one point or another. Unfortunately, no information about New Amsterdam and its relation to animal byproducts has been released. 

Is Pink Whitney Gluten-Free?

If you have gluten sensitivity, PW is safe for your consumption. Whether it is celiac disease or another gluten sensitivity, Pink W. is 100 percent gluten-free. In addition, New Amsterdam distills this vodka using corn instead of wheat, so it is safe for people with gluten restrictions. 

How Many Calories?

Pink Whitney has extra calories that are not found in other vodkas because of the addition of pink lemonade to the spirit. Pink Whitney has 100 calories per serving, and other vodkas only have 65 calories per ounce. This amount may not seem significant at first, but the more you drink, the more significant these additional calories become. If you are on a calorie-restrictive diet, then Pink Whitney may not be the best-flavored vodka option for you. 

How Much Sugar is in a Shot of Pink Whitney?

Pink Whitney has more sugar in it than regular vodkas. This sugar content is expected because New Amsterdam adds pink lemonade to this spirit. Pink W. adds 6.6 extra grams of sugar, while unflavored vodkas have no added sugars. If you are concerned about additional sugars, then avoiding PW and choosing unflavored vodka may be a better alternative for you. 

Storing Your Yummy Pink Vodka

You may wonder how and where you’re supposed to store your Pink Whitney. Storage can be confusing because PW has pink lemonade in it. Regular vodkas do not need to be refrigerated after they are open because they’re shelf-stable. However, does that apply to Pink W.?

Should Pink Whitney be Refrigerated?

No, you don’t need to refrigerate it after you open it because there is enough liquor to remain shelf-stable. However, if you want to refrigerate the liquor, that is fine. Refrigerating the vodka will not negatively affect it. 

Can You Put Pink Whitney in the Freezer? 

Yes, you can put Pink W. in the freezer if you prefer it extra cold. There is a high enough alcohol content to prevent the liquor from freezing. You can enjoy this vodka cold or room temperature.

Does Pink Whitney Go Bad?

If your PW is unopened, it can last for years. This fact is because unopened liquor does not have an expiration date. However, once the bottle is opened, it can last between one and two years. There is enough liquor in PW to keep its shelf life the same as other vodkas, despite the addition of pink lemonade to the liquor. 

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