Happy Dad Seltzer: Does It Live Up to Its Name?

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Since 2018, the demand for a delicious hard seltzer has increased, and many beer companies have joined in on the hard seltzer craze. More people drink carbonated water these days, and with the increased consumption of carbonated water, can a higher demand for hard seltzer. One of the most popular hard seltzers in the competitive market is Happy Dad Seltzer.

Happy Dad Seltzer: The Seltzer Without Shame

So, what makes Happy Dad stick out in the competitive seltzer market? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this Seltzer and why it’s popular in the hard seltzer industry.

What is Happy Dad Seltzer?

Happy Dad Seltzer is a hard seltzer that comes in several different flavors and is available in many states. Happy Dad is one of the newest large seltzer brands available, having just hit the shelves in 2021 and risen quickly to popularity. Happy Dad has an ABV of 5%, the average ABV for hard seltzers. 

Seltzers are often contained in a tall slim can to market to people seeking to lose weight, but Happy Dad skips that entire marketing ploy. Instead, Happy Dad is contained in a standard-sized and shaped can often be associated with beer or soda. However, it is still low in calories like the other seltzers in the industry.

Who Makes Happy Dad Seltzer?

The creators of Happy Dad Seltzer are Kyle Forgeard, John Shahidi, and Sam Shahidi. These guys founded Happy Dad Seltzer in 2021 and marketed it to people both inside the seltzer world and outside it. They opted to use a neutral-colored, standard-sized can instead of the tall, brightly colored cans other seltzer brands use to kill the stigma surrounding hard seltzer.

Some people feel uncomfortable drinking other hard seltzers because of the skinny can and bright colors. In addition, they have concerns about being judged negatively for holding those brightly colored, easily identifiable cans in public. By avoiding the regular seltzer marketing tactics, Happy Dad has successfully expanded their seltzers to people who normally wouldn’t consume them. 

Buying Happy Dad Seltzer

You might ask yourself several questions before you buy Happy Dad Seltzer. The first thing you might wonder is if you can even access the hard seltzer. To check the locations it’s is sold, use the store locator on the Happy Dad website. Unfortunately, this is not available in every state yet, but it will likely expand its locations as they gain popularity. 

Happy Dad Seltzer is also available for purchase online, depending on your state. If your state allows alcohol delivery by mail, then there is a strong probability that you can order this product online. To order online, you can also go to the official website or use one of their many delivery services. 

Some Target locations sell Happy Dad, but it is not available at every location. In addition, Happy Dad is not yet available in every state, but as its popularity grows, so will its locations. Happy Dad found success in a competitive market, so there is a chance that eventually, it will be available in every state. 

How Much Does Happy Dad Seltzer Cost? 

The price varies depending on where you live and where you buy. The average price of a 24-pack fluctuates between 50 and 63 dollars. This seltzer is expensive compared to other hard seltzers. Most other large brands of hard seltzer cost about 30 dollars for a pack of 24. 

Plus, if you have the product shipped to you, you will need to account for the cost of shipping. The additional cost is worth it if you enjoy Happy Dad over its competitors. If you’re on a budget, then a different hard seltzer brand may be better for you. 

What’s in Happy Dad?

Happy Dad Seltzer adds electrolytes to their hard seltzers, which may reduce your chance of a hangover the next day. Electrolytes help your body retain water, and the more hydrated you are while you drink, the less intense your hangover is the next day. That is also why many people buy sports drinks the night they’re drinking to prevent a harsh hangover. 

Most other hard seltzers do not include electrolytes in their product, which helps Happy Dad stand out from the competition. In addition, sports drinks can be expensive, and by choosing to drink this seltzer, you can opt to skip out on the sports drinks entirely. 

What Does Happy Dad Seltzer Taste Like?

Happy Dad has several different flavors to choose from. You can even choose to buy a variety pack to get a taste of each one. The current flavors offered are Wild Cherry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, and Pineapple. As the product increases in popularity, Happy Dad may choose to create more flavors. Many seltzer brands start with four flavors and expand their options as they grow. 

Happy Dad is similar to flavored carbonated water because the flavors are not overwhelming. Hard seltzer brands vary on how intense the added flavors are, and Happy Dad hits the sweet spot of not being too overpowering but not being so weak you can’t taste the flavor at all. 

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Does This Seltzer Stand Out?

There are tons of hard seltzer brands available to consumers now. In recent years beer companies even joined in on the seltzer craze making the market extremely difficult to penetrate for up-and-coming hard seltzer brands. Despite the over-saturated hard seltzer market, Happy Dad found success and is growing rapidly in its product distribution.

One of the most significant factors contributing to Happy Dad’s success is its unique marketing technique. The vast majority of hard seltzers marketed to the public feature slim, tall cans that are brightly colored. Unfortunately, the marketing technique other hard seltzer companies use can be a massive turn-off for people and prevent them from trying hard seltzer.

Happy Dad uses a neutral can without bright, flashy colors to draw in a more prominent demographic, and this technique has found them great success. Leaving out the bright colors and using a standard shape can is what helps them draw in a larger crowd of people. 

Happy Dad also adds electrolytes to their hard seltzer. This addition draws in crowds of people looking to stay hydrated while they drink. 

Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

Happy Dad Seltzer Dietary Information

People under dietary restrictions need to be careful when consuming alcohol. Sometimes people assume an alcoholic beverage complies with their dietary restrictions when it doesn’t. Below we will discuss the dietary information you need to know before you consume these seltzers.

Is Happy Dad Seltzer Gluten-Free?

Yes, if you need to restrict yourself from consuming gluten, this seltzer is safe for you to drink. Happy Dad is 100% gluten-free, making it a fantastic option for people with celiac disease or any other gluten intolerances. 

Is Happy Dad Seltzer Vegan?

While there are no statements from Happy Dad to state if they are vegan friendly or not, most hard seltzer is safe for vegan consumption. In addition, most hard seltzers do not contain any animal byproducts. 

How Many Calories in Happy Dad Seltzer?

One of the things that made hard seltzers rise to popularity is their low-calorie counts compared to beer. Happy Dad is 100 calories per can which is the standard for most hard seltzers. Hard seltzers like Happy Dad are great for people who want to drink but are watching their waistline. 

How Much Sugar is in Happy Dad Seltzer?

Happy Dad only has one gram of sugar per can. This sugar content makes it one of the best types of alcohol out there for people looking to reduce their sugar intake. But having a low amount of added sugar, you will also be less likely to deal with harsh hangovers the day after drinking. 

What About Added Colors?

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer keeps their product completely clear and doesn’t add unnatural colors to their seltzers. This fact is great news for people seeking to avoid unnecessary additives in their alcohol. 

How Carbonated is It?

It can be a gamble on how much carbonation the seltzer will contain when drinking hard seltzer. Sometimes, too much carbonation can make people feel sick or bloated. However, compared to other hard seltzers, Happy Dad is low in carbonation, making it an excellent option for people with sensitive stomachs. 

Final Thoughts

Happy Dad was able to break through and gain popularity in an overly saturated market by appealing to a larger demographic. By utilizing neutral colors on their cans and keeping their cans standard-sized, they appealed to people who didn’t want to be stigmatized for their choice of drink.

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