Luc Belaire Bleu Sparkling Wine? Don’t Mind If I Do

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Luc Belaire Bleu is a popular sparkling wine that people love to part with dessert or drink on its own. The unique blue color of this sparkling wine helps it stand out in the sparkling wine aisle and draws people in. People enjoy this sparkling wine over ice and on its own, but it tastes best served chilled, and the bubbles are more prominent when the drink is cold.

What Is Gucci Mane’s Fave Wine? Belaire Bleu

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Luc Belaire Bleu before you buy. This article can help you decide if Luc Belaire Bleu is a good wine for you. 

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What is Belaire Bleu?

Belaire Bleu is a famous sparkling wine that is light and sweet. Both wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers can enjoy this product. In addition, this sparkling wine is blue instead of the white and pink colors typically discovered in sparkling wines. Due to this color, many people enjoy using this wine in mixed drinks

What’s In It?

Colombard grapes and Ugni Blanc are in Belaire Bleu. There are no other fruits noted in the creation of Belair Bleu, even though other fruit flavors pick up in the taste. 

Is Belaire Bleu Champagne or Wine?

Belaire Bleu is a sparkling wine. For a drink to be classified as champagne, it needs to meet specific requirements that Belaire Bleu doesn’t meet. Sparkling wine has fewer requirements to be classified as sparkling wine, which Belaire Bleu does meet. 

Why is Belaire Bleu so popular?

Belaire Bleu rose to popularity rapidly because rapper Gucci Mane and Rick Ross promoted it upon its release. Thanks to its striking blue color and fresh fruit flavors, people were quickly drawn to the sparkling wine. In addition, this sparkling wine was released as a limited-edition item which also helped to influence its popularity.

Since Belaire Bleu’s release, consumers have highly sought sparkling wine. Ever since Gucci Mane and Rick Ross’s endorsement, the wine brand has increased in popularity. 

When did It come out?

Belaire Bleu came out on May 12, 2021. This sparkling wine was released as a limited-edition item and promoted by famous rappers upon release. 

Who makes Belaire Bleu?

The Luc Belaire winery makes Belaire Bleu, and Sovereign Brands owns them. This brand produces several different sparkling wines, with their Luc Belaire sparkling wines being the most famous of the bunch. 

What percent of alcohol is in Belaire Bleu?

Belaire Bleu has an ABV of 12.5 percent, standard for sparkling wines. This beverage can be served in a champagne flute chilled or over ice. The standard serving for a glass of Belaire Bleu is 5 ounces. 

What does Belaire Bleu taste like?

Belaire Bleu is a light-bodied sparkling wine that has strong notes of berries and tropical fruits. People enjoy drinking Belaire Bleu with their desserts and like to add fresh-cut fruits to the beverage. This sparkling wine is sweet and light, making it an excellent beverage to enjoy during the hot summer months.

How to enjoy Belaire Bleu

To drink Belaire Bleu, you can opt to enjoy it straight or over ice. Many people enjoy drinking Belaire Bleu over ice because the drink is best served cold, and ice will keep it cold longer. You should store Belaire Bleu in a fridge like any sparkling or white wine. This product is not intended to be enjoyed at room temperature. 



When you try a new sparkling wine, you shouldn’t compromise your diet for the new drink. Learning the nutrition facts of a drink before you buy it will ensure your diet isn’t ruined or your body doesn’t react to the product negatively. Below are the nutrition facts you need to consider while drinking Belaire Bleu. 

How many calories are in Belaire Bleu?

Belaire Bleu has 125 calories per 5-ounce serving, typical for most sparkling wines. One glass may be fine if you are on a calorie-restrictive diet, but drinking the bottle will mean you’ve consumed 625 calories. People on calorie-restrictive diets should be mindful of their alcohol consumption.

Is Belaire Bleu Gluten-Free? 

Yes, Belaire Bleu is gluten-free! People with celiac disease or gluten allergies can feel at ease when drinking Belaire Bleu. Belaire Bleu does not contain any glutinous grains that can cause an adverse health reaction. 

Is Belaire Bleu Vegan?

Yes, Belaire Bleu is vegan. Not every alcoholic beverage complies with veganism, but Belair Bleu does not use any animal by-products in their sparkling wine, which means vegans can enjoy this product without breaking their dietary restrictions. Vegetarians and vegans can relax and enjoy this beverage without worry.

Belaire Bleu Price

Belaire Bleu falls in the mid-range of price for other sparkling wines. Belaire Bleu is not extremely cheap, and it also isn’t super expensive. The price of sparkling wines can reach the hundreds in some instances. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Belaire Bleu, on average, costs 38 dollars for a 750 ML bottle. This price can fluctuate significantly depending on where you choose to buy Belaire Bleu. 

Where to get Belaire Bleu

Belaire bleu is available throughout the United States. This product is not difficult to find for consumers because the company produces many bottles of this sparkling wine. This sparkling wine is available in stores, restaurants, and bars due to its popularity. This sparkling wine is made in France but distributed widely throughout the United States. 

Depending on the laws of your state, you can also buy Belaire Blue from the company’s website. If you buy online that it’s directly from the company site, or you risk getting a bootleg version of Belaire Bleu from an untrustworthy distributor online. 

Where to buy Belaire Bleu near me?

You can use our locator to search for stores and bars that sell Belaire Bleu in your zip code if you live in a state with restrictive liquor laws. However, most areas without restrictive liquor laws will sell Belaire Bleu in local liquor stores or supermarkets. If you don’t want to risk wasting a trip to the store, you should call the location ahead of time and ask if they have Belaire Bleu in stock. 

Some bars and nightclubs also sell Belaire Blue; however, this is not that common. Most bars and restaurants you go to won’t sell Belaire Bleu unless stated otherwise on their menu. If you think the bar, nightclub, or restaurant you want to go to does sell it, but you are unsure, you should call the location to get confirmation. 

Final thoughts 

Belaire Bleu is a refreshing and sweet sparkling wine released in 2021. Thanks to Belaire Bleu’s relationship with famous rappers, the sparkling wine and brand shot up in popularity. Rappers endorsing a product is always a sure way to boost sales, especially if the rapper is a massive celebrity. 

People also enjoy Belaire Bleu because of its unique color. Most sparkling wines are variations of white and pink, but Belaire Bleu is a striking blue color instead. Belaire Bleu is available in liquor stores across the United States and available for purchase online. So, even if you can’t find Belaire Bleu near you, you can still have the wine shipped directly to your house. 

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