Not Your Father’s Root Beer: The Verdict Is In

not your father's root beer

Sometimes you want something like a beer, but that isn’t exactly one. When you’re in a group of people that are drinking beer, you may want something that meshes well with the occasion. It can feel wrong to drink liquor or wine when everyone you’re with is sipping on a beer. Beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike appreciate this drink. Continue reading to learn more about Not Your Father’s Root Beer and why it’s a hit among consumers.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer: Not Just For Dads

This alcoholic beverage is a craft ale that rose to popularity by appealing to both beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers. This ale is sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel while still maintaining the complexity of a beer. The alcohol doesn’t overpower the taste, but it isn’t so weak you can’t detect it. 

What is Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

Is It Hard Seltzer?

No, Not Your Father’s is not a hard seltzer. Hard seltzers are clear alcoholic beverages that taste like carbonated water. Not Your Father’s is an alcoholic beverage that still has characteristics of a beer. However, the ABV is 5.9%, similar to the average ABV in most hard seltzers.

Is It Hard Soda?

Yes, Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a hard soda. However, it is an ale. Root beer differs from other sodas because it is brewed similarly to beer already, which explains the name. Alcoholic root beer requires a slightly different brewing process than nonalcoholic root beer.

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Is Not Your Father’s Root Beer Discontinued?

This product has relocated as changes are made. However, Not Your Father’s Root Beer is not discontinued despite brand changes. Instead, the brand will make a similar alcoholic root beer with a higher ABV than Not Your Father’s had, and the new alcoholic root beer will be made at a new location by a new team of people. It is unknown what the name of the new root beer will be yet, as pieces are still falling into place for the new product.

When Did It Come Out?

Not Your Father’s Root Beer came out in 2012, shortly after the company that produced the alcoholic root beer formed. Not Your Father’s wasn’t available nationwide until 2015 after the brewery that makes the product partnered with beer giant company Pabst. Pabst distributed the alcoholic root beer nationwide, and it rapidly rose to popularity among beer fanatics and non-beer drinkers alike.

Who Makes Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

Small Town Brewery makes Not Your Father’s Root Beer and rose to popularity for making that beer brand. Not Your Father’s had just the right balance of alcohol flavor and the sweet taste of root beer to satisfy large populations of people. Small Town Brewery partnered with Pabst to make the root beer accessible nationwide.

Is Not Your Father’s Root Beer Owned by Pabst?

No, it is not owned by Pabst. Pabst does not have a financial involvement in the product. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is owned by Small Town Brewery. However, in 2015 Small Town Brewery partnered with Pabst so that they could distribute Not Your Father’s nationally. So, the companies have a good business relationship. 

Does Small Town Brewery Make Other Beers?

While Not Your Father’s Root Beer is the most popular beer sold by Small Town Brewery, it is not the only beer they sell. Small Town Brewers sells several craft-flavored beers, but Not Your Father’s is the only widely available one in every state. In addition, their other beer brands are not as easily accessible as Not Your Father’s if you live far away from the brewery.

What Percent Alcohol is in Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

It has an ABV of 5.9 percent, standard for most alcoholic ales and beers. So, you can get just as intoxicated from drinking Not Your Father’s as you could if you were drinking beer instead. This means you won’t feel out of place drinking it at a gathering where people consume beer.

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What Does Not Your Father’s Root Beer Taste Like?

It tastes similar to nonalcoholic root beers by maintaining its sweet, spicy, and caramel flavor notes. However, Not Your Father’s also has a complex and slightly fermented beer flavor. In addition, the spices in this hard root beer are flavor-packed, so you shouldn’t expect the same taste from this ale that you would a lager.


When trying a new beer, you don’t want to disrupt your diet. However, learning the nutrition facts of any alcoholic beverage before consuming it is the best way to stay healthy while trying new things. Below, we will discuss everything you need to know to determine if it is a good beer for you.

How Many Calories are in Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

Each bottle contains 177 calories. This calorie content is standard for most craft beers unless specified otherwise. Despite how sweet it is, you will not pay for that additional sweetness with additional calories.

Is Not Your Father’s Root Beer Gluten-Free?

No, it is not gluten-free. Not Your Father’s is brewed from malted barley containing gluten. Many beers contain gluten because most beers come from some grain. If you have celiac disease or a gluten allergy, then this beverage is not safe for you to drink.

Is Not Your Father’s Root Beer Vegan?

No, it isn’t vegan friendly. While Not Your Father’s doesn’t directly contain animal by-products or meat, the facility it is brewed in may handle animal by-products. Some people who practice the vegan lifestyle may see this as okay; it is up to your dietary discretion.

Not Your Father’s may also contain honey, which many people who practice veganism abstain from. 

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Price

This popular hard soda typically costs $9.99 for a six-pack. However, alcohol prices vary depending on the location and its store. Some states and cities will have different minimum prices than other places.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is, on average, 9.99 per six-pack or $4 for a single bottle. Therefore, buying a six-pack is more financially sound than buying it as a single bottle.

Where to Get Not Your Father’s Root Beer

This hard soda is available in every state in the US. This alcoholic root beer is so popular that you can find it in most liquor and grocery stores. Pabst helped Small Town Brewery distribute the product on a massive scale in 2015, which is why it’s so widely available today.

Buy Not Your Father’s Root Beer Near Me

If you want to find Not Your Father’s at a location near you, then you can just use our store locator. Not Your Father’s is hugely famous in the United States and easily accessible. If your local liquor store or grocery store sells craft beer, then there is a strong chance that they’ll have it on their shelves. This hard root beer doesn’t often face shortages because they’ve been available in every state since 2015, so the brand is accustomed to the demand.

Does Target Sell Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

Yes, if your local Target sells beer, wine, and liquor, they likely keep Not Your Father’s in stock as well. This is an extremely popular craft beer which is why it is available in most supermarkets that sell alcohol.

Final Thoughts 

The verdict? This is an excellent alcoholic beverage for both beer lovers and non-beer drinkers alike. The diversity of the clientele that took an interest in the beverage is why the drink is so popular today. Now you can find it in most grocery stores and liquor stores across the United States.

Keep in mind that it is not an ideal beer option for people with specific food restrictions. If you have medical problems or specialized dietary needs, then this root beer may not be suitable for your dietary restrictions.

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