A Guide to Lamborghini Wine: Lambo in A Glass

Lamborghini Wine

Chances are good you already know who Ferruccio Lamborghini is. Think expensive, luxurious Italian cars! Well, it turns out, after he got out of the lucrative car manufacturing business, this man set his sights on the world of agriculture.

We already know how successful the company was at making classy sports cars, but how well did they do when it came to manufacturing spirits?

There is no better place to open your own winery than the foothills of Italy. So, of course, someone with enough money to purchase 247 acres of land just because he likes it will do exactly that.

Not only did Ferruccio purchase this land, but he also turned it into one of the most notorious wineries around. He passed the Lamborghini winery down to the next generation, which is keeping his memories and dreams alive. 

History of Lamborghini Wine


In the mid-1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini rolled out his first line of powerful, beautiful, finely tuned sports cars with the intention of competing for popularity over other top-of-the-line manufacturers, such as Ferrari.

While building his automotive business, Ferruccio also indulged in his love for agriculture and fine wines during a trip to Umbria in the late 1960s. It was here he purchased 100 hectares of land, using 32 hectares for farming and a winery.

The rest of the property is dedicated to a beautiful and upscale golf course, lodging, and other facilities used to create a quaint getaway for the family and guests.

Lamborghini’s car collection did very well over the first decade or so, then started to plummet in sales by 1973. It was at this time Ferruccio decided to sell his company and retire from the business, focusing on his family roots in farming.

How Is Lamborghini Wine Made?

Lamborghini Wine, or Lambo wine as many call it, is made from the finest grapes in the area. The company first started out with vineyards full of red and white grapes, crafting wines such as Merlot, Sauvignon, classic Sangiovese, and Ciliegiolo.

In the 1990s, Ferruccio’s daughter Patrizia took over her father’s company, running the day-to-day operations and keeping the winery producing exquisite wines to offer the same high-quality products as her father.

After the company changed hands from one generation to the next, the white grape vines were removed and replaced with Sangiovese and Merlot.

The Lamborghini Wine Logo

Lamborghini needed a logo to match the upscale image his legacy and reputation put forth in all the family’s business endeavors. What better way to showcase his success and the high-end quality of his wine than with a bull!

Ferruccio chose the bull emblem after visiting the famous Spanish breeder of fighting bulls, Seville Range of Don Eduardo Miura. It was his love of bullfighting that encouraged him to create the logo found on all of his products today.

Does Lamborghini Make Lamborghini Champagne?


You may have heard of a famous musician, entrepreneur, and entertainment industry professional named Etcetera. While he is well-known for being an amazing performer and smart businessman, he now owns a new title as the Global Ambassador of Lamborghini champagne.

You can purchase a variety of sparkling wines from the Lamborghini store, from Classico Rose to Lamborghini Gold Magnum.

Lamborghini DJ Luminous

If you are looking for champagne that will impress your family and friends, Lamborghini’s DJ Luminous is a great way to go. This product comes in a special edition, a glowing bottle that reacts to sound and music.

While the bottle is extremely impressive, so is the flavor of the champagne inside. This specific sparkling wine has undertones of citrus fruits, floral flavors, and a hint of almond, creating a unique flavor you are sure to love.

What Are the Various Types of Lamborghini Wine?

Lamborghini offers customers a variety of fine wines to choose from to appeal to every taste:

  • Lamborghini: ’68 Italia (Alc. Vol: 13.5%) – 50% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Lamborghini: Centanni Umbria Red – A unique blend of traditional vines from Umbria
  • Lamborghini: Metodo Classico Rosè – Pinot Noir with aromas of fresh fruit
  • Lamborghini: Centanni Grechetto Umbria White – Grechetto with rich floral scents
  • Lamborghini: Era Umbria Rosso IGT – Ruby red Sangiovese with a delicate but intense smell

How to Serve Lamborghini Wine

If you’re planning to buy a bottle of Lamborghini wine, be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. That said, the cost will be well worth it.

The only way to drink Lamborghini wine is fresh and all on its own. It is made from the finest grapes in Italy and should be served straight or on ice. This is a great beverage to serve during a special occasion or while dining out.

If you want to serve your wine in glasses made by the same elegant company, you can purchase Lamborghini-branded crystal wine glasses or black-and-white acrylic glasses from the company’s website.

How Much Does Lamborghini Wine Cost?

If you want a nice bottle of wine that will please the palate but isn’t super special or overly expensive, this isn’t the bottle for you.

Lamborghini wine is pretty pricey and can cost a small fortune depending on the product you choose.

One bottle of DJ Luminous Brut will run $220 for a 750ml bottle. The cheapest option currently available is the Lamborghini: ’68 Italia, which currently sells for $80. In this case, you get what you pay for. A high-quality spirit with a high price tag to match.

Lamborghini Wine Gift Sets


Do you have a hard time finding the perfect gift for that person in your life who seems to already have everything? Gifting them a Lamborghini wine set will definitely earn you points and is a fantastic option for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and more.

There are various gift sets available to purchase online, from a single bottle to a collection of products, all set inside an elegant gift box and ready to be given to the ones you love.

The price of gift sets varies depending on the wines you buy, with the most expensive item being the Lamborghini limited Luxe collection and the cheapest being the Lamborghini: Torami Umbria Red with Gift Set.

  • Lamborghini Limited: LUXE Collection | Masterpiece Edition ($300) – This gift set includes Lamborghini Luxe ORO Red Wine Umbria IGT, Lamborghini Luxe BLU Merlot Wine Umbria IGT, Lamborghini ROSSO Red Wine Umbria IGT, Lamborghini GRECHETTO White Wine Umbria IGT, and a Black 4-Bottle Lamborghini Gift Case.
  • Lamborghini: Torami Umbria Red with Gift Set ($250) – This gift set comes with a bottle of wine consisting of a blend of Sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, and Montepulciano. You also get a gift box and a traditional orange bag.
  • Lamborghini: LUXE Red Collection with Gift Set ($250) – This gift set comes with Lamborghini Luxe ORO Red Wine Umbria IGT, Lamborghini Luxe BLU Merlot Wine Umbria IGT, Lamborghini ROSSO Red Wine Umbria IGT, and a Red Lamborghini Gift Case.

Aside from other gift sets, you can also purchase a Lamborghini-brand ice bucket, cork stopper, corkscrew, and other wine accessories.

How Long Does Lamborghini Wine Last After Opening?

The exact length of time each bottle of Lamborghini wine stays fresh and delicious will vary depending on the product. The majority of these wines will stay good for three to five days once opened.

With the price of these bottles, it would make sense to invest in a product that is designed to extend the life of your wine.

How to Tell if Your Lamborghini Wine Has Gone Bad

If you are right at the end of the allotted days after popping the cork on your Lamborghini wine, there are a few ways to check it to see if it has already gone bad.

  • See if there has been a change in color.
  • Check for the aroma of vinegar.
  • Look for bubbles. If bubbles begin to form at the bottom of the bottle, it is a pretty good indication that the wine has gone sour.
  • Take a little sip. If all else fails and you are still unsure if your wine has gone bad, you can take a small sip from the bottle to see if there is still a fancy flavor or if your wine tastes like spoiled juice.

How to Choose the Perfect Wine

If you are not sure which wine to choose, you can always take the wine quiz available on the Lamborghini website. This tool will ask you a bunch of questions, like who you are shopping for, what is your ideal vacation, what your budget is, etc. Then the site will determine which options are best for you.

Are You Looking For A lot of Wine for a Special Occasion?

The Lamborghini company offers customers the ability to purchase two types of wine by the case.

For $990, you can buy a case of six Lamborghini: Metodo Classico Rosè “The Legend” with a gift box or a case of six Lamborghini Gold: Extra Dry Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso with a gift box.

Each bottle contains 750ml of wine, and both are made from high-quality Italian grapes.

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